About Me

Hi, my name is Julie.

I think I was born reading something πŸ™‚ That’s how much I love to read. I am passionate about it & I will read pretty much just about anything as long as it has a story line to keep me interested. My passion however is YA, YA Paranormal & Supernatural and I am not ashamed to admit I love a funny, witty Chick Lit book if the heroine is strong and feisty. I’ve also started to read a lot more New Adult & Dystopian books, which I have to say I’m also liking a lot.


^^^ This is me after reading a good book!

The reason for my blog, and it’s sole purpose is when I read a book I live and breathe the story. I laugh, cry, feel the hurt and pain and more than that I fall in love. So much so I need an outlet to vent my thoughts, feelings and most of all to spread the love and word about the stories I read. That was how it started, now I have evolved it into much more, I like to help authors get the word out there. The world of books is immense and vast and the most brilliant of stories can get lost within.

All of my views and musings, the cover reveals and Blitz’s are done for no other reason than when I like something a lot I have to shout it from the roof tops. I get no compensation for what is written, some might say that’s a good thing lol. To that end I hope you find my reviews insightful, worth reading and most of all helpful in your book buying choices.

He's gay and she's an alien

Did I mention I was passionate about reading? πŸ˜€ I love the journey of picking up a new story. The initial anticipation of that first meeting. The tentative early days as the plot unfolds. Then the flush of love deepening when you know you’re having an intimate affair with the characters (to the point you find yourself talking about them as though you know them personally). Then to the heart braking roller coaster of a ride as you spiral up & down hurtling towards the end. Then the journey ends in joy of finding a new gem, sadness of being parted and the thrill there just might be another installment.


This is why I want to review, to spread that joy….

Thank you for visiting my blog. Julie x


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