Review Policy

I am accepting books from indie, small and large presses as well as those that are self-published. I accept both print & ebooks. I prefer ebooks in Mobi format, though if you pitch it well enough I will take it in PDF. (I find it much harder to read on my computer, I’m weird like that lol)

I lean towards YA, YA Paranormal & Supernatural, Dystopian fantasy and yes Chick Lit. I’m not a huge fan of zombie books & Sci-Fi but on the latter I will consider. Again it will be how you pitch it to me. I’m also reading New Adult too.

Crime, period drama and thrillers are also something I don’t lean towards but am happy to consider.

I accept requests via e-mail only: Please submit the name of your book, a brief synopsis, if your blurb is detailed enough you can send that and how many pages it has. If you wish to have a review before a certain date please let me know. Please note however I do need time to comfortably read it :).

I post my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords (if it’s available there), Barnes & Noble, on my blog which will go onto my Facebook page and Twitter.

I will never rip an author’s work (been there) but I will give an honest review of how the book made me feel, character development and how well the story unfolded.

My ratings are as follows:

5 stars: I can’t move on with my life because the book was THAT awesome.


4 stars: This is possibly one of the best reads I’ve had and I thoroughly recommend it.


3 stars: It was good, it didn’t light me on fire but overall it was okay.


2 stars: I struggled with it.


1 star: I don’t give them!


If I feel a book is going into the 1 or 2 star areas I will email you privately to explain why I have rated it that way. It may well be it was never the book for me, it happens, reading and interpretation are subjective.


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