*Review* Just Remember to Breathe (Thompson Sisters) – Charles Sheehan-Miles



Alex Thompson’s life is following the script. A pre-law student at Columbia University, she’s focused on her grades, her life and her future. The last thing she needs is to reconnect with the boy who broke her heart.

Dylan Paris comes home from Afghanistan severely injured and knows that the one thing he cannot do is drag Alex into the mess he’s made of his life.

When Dylan and Alex are assigned to the same work study program and are forced to work side by side, they have to make new ground rules to keep from killing each other.

Only problem is, they keep breaking the rules.

The first rule is to never, ever talk about how they fell in love.

My Review 5 Stars out of 5 *****

Oakies, I think I’m almost through with all the romantic downloads I did last summer! There is a cliched line there somewhere, but I won’t use it!

I think I inadvertedly left the best until last. Just Remember to Breathe was a gem, an eye opener and one hell of a story. I didn’t realize at the time, but this book is written by a man. Forgive my obvious sexist retort, but the title alone is beautiful, and I’m not saying a man can write romance, it just isn’t something I think about when I think about romance books.

That said, I think it gave it an edge, and edge you son’t usually get from the genre. There was a gritty realism to the story and that only enhanced the whole story. I loved Alex, the broken, yet “I will still get up in the morning” heroine.

A few years previous she had been an exchange student to Tel Aviv and had fallen madly, passionately and whole heartedly in love with Dylan. Dylan wasn’t only broken, he was flawed and fragile. He came from a completely different background than Alex and never quite felt he was somehow good enough for her.

Because of that he kept his feelings inside and that had caused a split between them, one full of misunderstandings and regret. Something that would change their lives forever, as well as the people around them.

So, Dylan is out of the army and Afghanistan. Recovering from a bomb attack on his humvee he is nursing wounds that go deeper than the scars on his leg. He is now in New York, back at the same school as Alex, hoping and praying he doesn’t meet her. But their paths are to cross…

What I loved about this book the most was the gritty reality of war, what it does to everyone who has fought, who stays at home to wait and the friends & family you go through this with.

I also loved the slow, deliberate way the story unfolded. It would be in the present, then flash back to the past explaining why Alex and Dylan were the way they were. Dylan’s story brought a lump to my throat on more than several occasions. I was so involved with them I was rooting for them all the way.

The one night, a party was to change everything. A frat boy from Alex’s past was to set Dylan on a course of down would spiral to soul redemption. I had a lump in my throat. The subject matter I think maybe a little too adult for the book to be considered YA, but it was refreshing to have a romance set around the realities of war and sexual assault (I know that sounds weird). That’s what gave it it’s edge.

When Dylan finally came to his senses and realized his only hope of a future was to confront and accept the past I was cheering, his “I thought I’d stop by” line to Alex when he showed up on her doorstep in San Francisco from New York had tears in my eyes.

This story was truly wonderful. Any romance lover should read this book. I loved it…..


*Review* Tamed by You (A Laurel Heights Novel) – Kate Perry



First rule of matchmaking: Don’t fall in love with your client.
Second rule of matchmaking: Don’t fall in love with your client!

Valentine Jones has never been good at following rules, especially the one that matters most: following the family tradition of being a matchmaker. She’s tried, but she happens to suck at it. So when her mother swoops in to help, Valentine is determined to prove she doesn’t need a babysitter.

Enter Ethan “The Predator” Hunter, ex-fighter and all-around hunk. Career on hold because of injury, his sole focus is to get back in the ring. He has no interest in the people until Valentine sets her matchmaking sights on him. Suddenly Ethan’s world is filled with nonstop commotion and lessons on attracting women. Only Ethan doesn’t want a random woman. He wants his matchmaker rules be damned

My Review: 3.5 Stars out of 5 ***

So, as I liked the previous Kate Perry Looking for You I saw this one was also offered for free on Amazon, got to dive right and and get that super sweet deal. I was really looking forward to this story because I do enjoy Kate’s style of writing.

After I was finished I wasn’t sure where to place the story with the previous one, or if it were fair to even compare them to each other. Why? I liked the story, it was cute and warm and Ethan has to be the funniest, surliest hero that I’ve read in a long time. He wanted Valentine and he was damn well going to have her…..family business/tradition be damned.

I like Valentine, in the main. She wasn’t your usual heroine and was definitely quirky. What I didn’t like was the repetitive reminders that the first born girl in the family became a match maker, why? I also wasn’t that fond of her mother Venus, who was clearly manipulating her daughter. Strange for a woman who was also a matchmaker.

I would’ve liked to see Valentine stand up to her mother more, heck if I’d a man like Ethan drooling over me, loving me the way he did I’d have stood up like a Spartan in 300 yelling “I am Sparta”

What worked was the interaction between Valentine and Ethan, you could taste the chemistry, the desire and the love long before they knew it themselves.

I also loved Sophie, she was a hoot, and Tony and their little side story. In fact there were times I liked their story a whole lot more. I also loved, loved the friendship Sophie struck up with Julia the florist. Very entertaining. All in all this was a cute romance, it was easy to read and a good way to spend an afternoon sitting in the garden by the pool.

If you like your romance easy, cute and a little sugary this series is one to take a chance on.

*Review* The Color of Water in July – Nora Carroll

Since going back to work and trying to adjust to a routine in the grown up world of earning a pay check, I’ve slowed my reading down just a little. Last summer I down loaded a whole heap of free books from Amazon (not in one day, over the course of some weeks) and because of commitments to tours some of the books got a little forgotten. I am now trying to get to all of them. This is one of them…..



Jess has not been back to the lake house since she was seventeen– the summer she fell in love with Daniel– the summer when a tragedy caused her to flee.Now, she is back, and the beautiful Victorian overlooking the lake belongs to her. Will the old house give up its secrets?

As Jess sifts through trunks filled with old letters and photographs, she tries to unlock the mysteries of the past, and maybe, just maybe, the secret to her own heart.

My Review: 4 out of 5 Stars ****

Wow, that is all I can say! Wow! This is not at all my normal genre (though I do have a guilty pleasure in Chick Lit from time to time) This is not Chick Lit either, this story was a complete surprise to me. I liked the synopsis, it was free and I thought it would make a great summer read.

This story is hauntingly beautiful, rich in descriptions and vivid in its poignancy. It starts with Jess Carpenter, 33, living in a small apartment in a dull job with her boyfriend Russ. Jess has just inherited her family home situated on a lake in Michigan. She hasn’t been back to the house since she was 17 years old. She is going back now, she is going to sell the house and finally put her past behind her.

The story is told from three POV, Jess as she is now, her 17 year old self and Maime, her grand mother. Jess would summer with her throughout her childhood because her mother Margaret was away being an international journalist. The story centers mainly on her last summer there. One of love, tragedy and sorrow. It also tells the story of Maime’s tragic sister Lila, who drowned in the lake.

The story is slow, but being detailed in its telling that’s just beautiful. It weaves in and out of Jess and Maime’s lives connecting the dots to a secret too big to tell, too shameful to whisper and it will be the one secret that will rip out Jess’s heart and send her on the path to no where.

Not until she goes back with Russ does she begin a journey of self discovery, one of Maime’s and Lila’s past, one where she can finally put the pieces together and finally find the happiness she thought she had lost forever. Daniel, the boy she loved and couldn’t be with was so dreamy, it was heart breaking to read just what stood in their way to true happiness.

I loved the gentle pace this story took, I could picture in my mind the scenes from the 1920’s -1930’s and I could feel Jess’s heart shatter when the one, tiny detail would rip her world apart.

If I had any complaints about this book it would be with the end. From the final chapter, which I have to say the last line….OMG, one of the best last lines ever “There is something I need to tell you” she said. To where it picked up in the epilogue, it left me a little confused, how did she get to the point she was at, was she with Daniel and Maggie? I would’ve liked it to have been a little better told.

However, overall this story was beautiful, entrancing and poetic. Again not my normal genre, but if you like stories of self discovery, love and what secrets a family can keep and how they can tear us down yet build us up then this is the book for you. Lovely story

Rebecca Ethington | Twisted Author with a Vivid Imagination

Happy Monday everyone. How are you all doing?
I have to admit my postings to my blog have slowed down a little. Two reasons, I’ve been reading a lot (yes I know that sounds stupid because this is a book blog after all) what I mean is I’ve signed up for less tours to concentrate on reading more of what I want that isn’t only tour focused.

Don’t worry though, I have some great reviews for you to come. The second reason is I’ve gone and got myself a job, yes a real, live big girl job that pays me for going there. It’s freaky lol, so it means for a little while I have less time to simply sit in my book chair and read.

In the meantime I have pressed a teaser from the wonderful Rebecca Ethington’s page for Soul of Flame, it’s out on the 17th….eeeeeekkkkkk, I cannot wait!! really I can’t. It is available for pre-order so check it out….

Rebecca Ethington | Twisted Author with a Vivid Imagination.

*Blog Tour* Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles # 1) – Kristin McMichael


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Book & Author Details:

Carnelian by B. Kristin McMichael
(Chalcedony Chronicles #1)
Publication date: January 10th 2014
Genres: Time-Travel, Young Adult



Everyone has a past, but for most it isn’t so far in the past as Seth Sangre. His past is literally from thousands of years ago. Seth’s past led him to the present seeking something that might help him save his country from destruction. He has been in the present for over three years now and just found exactly what he has been looking for.

Mari had dreams of college being a fresh start, one where she would start over and not fall for the good looking player like high school. Unfortunately for her that’s exactly what ends up falling into her lap on the first day she moves into the dorms. Now she has to hold to her promise to herself and not fall for the handsome Seth. But he doesn’t plan to make it easy for her. Seth has already marked her as his next conquest. As the semester progresses, Mari learns that Seth might just have a past of his own that’s literally in the past. Suddenly Mari finds her future along with her past put into question. She’s connected to Seth far more than she ever wanted to be and maybe the player isn’t who she thought he was. If Mari can trust her heart enough to follow him, Seth will lead Mari on an adventure of a lifetime and reveal family secrets she never knew existed.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18802571-carnelian?ac=1

Book trailer:





Originally from Wisconsin, B. Kristin currently resides in Ohio with her husband, two small children, and three cats. When not doing the mom thing of chasing kids, baking cookies, and playing outside, she is using her PhD in biology as a scientist. In her free time she is currently hard at work on multiple novels. Every day is a new writing adventure. She is a fan of all YA/NA fantasy and science fiction.

Author Links:



*Release Day* Death of the Body – Rick Chiantaretto

Today is the release day of Death of the Body by Rick Chiantaretto!

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Come celebrate the release of Death of the Body on Facebook on Saturday December 14, 2013!

Title: Death of the Body (Crossing Death #1)

Author: Rick Chiantaretto

Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy


I grew up in a world of magic. By the time I was ten I understood nature, talked to the trees, and listened to the wind. When the kingdom of men conquered my town, I was murdered by one of my own\’97the betrayer of my kind. But I didn’t stay dead.

I woke to find myself in a strange new world called Los Angeles. The only keys to the life I remembered were my father\’92s ring, my unique abilities, and the onslaught of demons that seemed hell-bent on finding me. Now I must learn who I really am, protect my friends, get the girl, and find my way back to my beloved hometown of Orenda.

About Rick Chiantaretto

I’ve often been accused of having done more in my life than the average 30 year old, but if I were completely honest I have to tell you my secret: I’m really 392.

So after all this time, I’m a pretty crappy writer.

I have one book published but out of print, one coming out soon, and a bunch half written (when you have eternity, where’s the reason to rush?). I’ve been favorably reviewed by horror greats like Nancy Kilpatrick, and my how-to-write-horror articles have been quoted in scholarly (aka community college freshmen papers.

I enjoy the occasional Bloody Mary, although a Bloody Kathy or Susan will suffice.

Mostly, I just try to keep a low profile so people don’t figure out who I REALLY am.




Soul of Flame is Being Delayed | Rebecca Ethington | Author of Kiss of Fire, Eyes of Ember of the Imdalind Series

Oakies I won’t lie I’m not a little bummed that Soul of Flame will be delayed, BUT check out Rebecca’s big cryptic news. I think this is pretty major for an indie author and I couldn’t be more pleased to see her work has the chance to be showcased to a much larger audience. Contrary to the teaser it will NOT be out on December 2nd AND Kiss of Fire will not be FREE after today so hurry, get your copy now!


Soul of Flame is Being Delayed | Rebecca Ethington | Author of Kiss of Fire, Eyes of Ember of the Imdalind Series.