*Happy New Year*

I hope you all had very Merry Christmas’s and are looking forward to a bright and prosperous 2014. I would like to see out 2013 with my take on the famous New Year song Auld Lang Syne…..

“May auld YA books nae be forgot,
And never lost on shelves,
May their stories carry on,
For readers to lose themselves.


From Divergent to Imdalind,
From Covenant to Through the Ever Night,
May all the stories stay in hearts,
Their covers stay in our sight.

We’ll drink the stories new & old,
And be thankful for all that’s been,
We’ll wait for stories to be told,
New adventures to be seen.


From Mara Dyer to The Dream Thieves,
From Into the Still Blue,
We’ll wait for stories to be told,
Welcome 2014 & what will be new

May auld stories to be told,
Get a rave review,
May auld my fave authors,
Have lots of things that’s new.


From Jen Armentrout to Reb Ethington,
Please write something soon,
From Veronica Roth and also Rossi,
Something good to make me swoon..

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. Maybe you’d like to add your own verses, authors books and pass the song along…

Happy New Year.


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