*Review* Crest of The Blood Moon – Robin. P. Waldrop

4.5 Stars out of 5**** Read 9/21/3013

My Review

Holy Bejeebers!! So after vowing that I would never read another vampire book in my life, along comes Robin with Genevieve & William and I’m like POW, I’m floored!
Story so far, Gen went to live with her aunt in Alaska after her Mom dies, Gen is really the Princess to the Adlet Wolves. William is a vampire, and the love of Gen’s life. Evil Zane has Gen’s (dead) Mom captive, and she is alive.
Gen has William turn her into a vamp so she can defeat Zane. Her and William go to Prague to find them, William and her fight so she runs away, she meets Peter. Luna and Joesph turn up in Prague to help in the fight, Joseph gets badly injured and Gen turns him to save him. They find Zane and her Mom, this time she really is dead and they kill Zane. Enter Guinevere, Gen’s twin she didn’t know she had…

I know! This could take some time. Let’s cut to the end of book 2. Laszlo (The super evil ruler of the vampires) has Gen locked up in a tower, somewhere William and the others don’t know about. She lives in a gilded cage and cannot leave. Her only companions are Dahlia and Peter.

She is angry, sad, and starving herself.
Brad the vamp

She doesn’t know why William hasn’t come for her, after all Laszlo is going to kill her and drink her blood on the night of her 18th Birthday. The night of the Blood Moon. Only, is William actually still alive?

Dahlia isn’t who she seems to be, neither is Peter. Both are hiding something. I wasn’t too sure about the unfurling love triangle. I mean we had the Gen/William/Joseph thing in books 1 and 2. Now we have the Gen/William/Peter thing going on. It’s like whaaaaaaaat?
Evil slut vamp

Anyways, the story has an excellent pace. There are a lot of things that are happening you don’t see coming. From the time she gets to have a little freedom and finds the dungeon’s it’s all flipped upside itself. The secret she finds is explosive and I was on the edge of my seat for most of the time.

Robin has a gift of turning everything on a sixpence and always having you hooked. From Dahlia to Peter, from William to Guinevere, VJ to Lazlo and Angelica to Raven NO ONE is who they say they are. It was awesome, the twists, the plot and then the last fight scene on the night of the blood moon, All Hallows Eve…..jeez I was wonderfully exhausted. Especially the final showdown of VJ and Laszlo. Bad king versus bad ass king…One thing I will say about Robin, she really has no problem in hurting, maiming and even killing her main characters…AWESOME. I had no clue who to root for, Peter? Dahlia? Guinevere? And even Laszlo!! I suspect there is more to that *wink* but you’ll have to read the book because I’m not spoiling.
Bad Day Bad Century

I’d like to think I’ve worked out what’s coming in the fourth and final installment but again, Robin can have you twisted and turned and wrapped up in knots more than any kitty can do with yarn. All I can say is ZANE!

I loved this book the most. Gen seems to have finally come into her own and I loved the way she grew, her self effacing way and finally as her blood matured, finally she was the heroine I knew she could be.

I can’t wait for the next one to come out….


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