*Review* Shadow of the Blood Moon (Blood Moon #2) – Robin. P. Waldrop


4 Stars our of 5**** Read 9/17/2013

Oakies, I know I said in my last review of Robin’s first Blood Moon book, Ties to the Blood Moon that I didn’t know if I’d gotten over my burn out on the whole vampire/werewolves sagas. I know I said I was hesitant at picking up that one, well I was sent the 2nd by the author in exchange for an honest review (honestly, I was secretly pleased, because I wanted to know what was going to happen with Gen & William, her Mom & Zane).

So the story picks up right where book one left us. The first chapter had me hooked with the scene in Prague at the airport….the mysterious watcher had me knowing there was going to be lots of good stuff in this one. And there was, there was plenty of thrills and spills, twists and turns and better yet, lots of double-crossing.

If I had any beef about this book it was there were a few wrongly used words, like ‘here’ instead of ‘hear’ for example which was a little distracting but Robin can tell a story so I got passed it, don’t let that put you off. The other was, while I welcomed Gen and her angry outbursts and her teenage angst in the first, I was hoping she would mellow just a little. She didn’t, she seemed to become more snappy, more prickly and with a lot more self-pity.

That said, the ride from Alaska to Prague, Prague back to Alaska….then oh Lordy back again was fast and furious.It had everything, love, hate, jealousy, revenge and wowzer a surprise sibling we didn’t know about. Awesome.

I’m loving hating Laszlo (what a baddy), wanting to know what Dahlia and Peter might do to help…if anything. Wondering if Angelica will be a savior and most of all will Gen be free and is William alright….so much to answer.

This story has evolved from the usual vampire/werewolf love/hate scenario. It has become a blurred blend of good versus evil, and will the good win out…? I just don’t know!!

After the ending I’m beginning to wonder, and knowing how Robin likes to write, we won’t find out until the very, very last page 🙂


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