*Review* Ties To The Blood Moon – Robin. P. Waldrop


4 Stars out of 5**** Read 9/15/2013

I was asked by the author Robin yesterday if I would consider reading/reviewing Tes to the Blood Moon and the 2 follow-up books. I read the synopsis, and also some of the reviews already posted and to be quite honest (and I was honest with Robin) I really didn’t want to delve back into yet another Vampire/Werewolf book. I am so burnt out on this genre that my fingers still smoke.

However, I saw the cover and, well look at it. It is a very appealing cover so I told her that as I had no reading plans for Sunday (Well it was the home opener for the Houston Texans) I would start it to see if I got a feel for it.

Now keep in mind I had Edward and Bella trying to burst out of my brain (some reviews had likened it to a certain sparkly vampire) I was pleasantly surprised by the way the story unfolded. Gen, our heroine has gone to live in Alaska with her Aunt Beth after the sudden, shocking death of her mother. She is 17, moody, angry and at times explosively unlikable. Sounds pretty much like an average 17-year-old to me! I liked that she wasn’t the quirky, popular princess type, it gave her an edge.

There are strange things going on with Gen, she is having weird nightmares and constantly feels like she is being watched. She is, Luna’s brothers Jacob, James and the delicious Joseph are but also is the other newcomer to town William….he turns her upside herself every time she is near him.

She goes to a bonfire one Friday night when everything starts to get even weirder. Her school councilor who also happens to be a Shamen predicts that the Princess of the Adlet Werewolves was there among them, she was destined to take the throne and would bring peace between the Lycans, the Packs and the blood suckers. Then it gets crazy, anyone who thinks this book is just another Twilight really needs to re-read that book.

What I liked most about this book was the not being able to guess what was coming next,there were twists and turns so much I thought I’d get dizzy. I liked William, hated William, then liked him again. The story is very well thought out, it has a great pace, it has somewhat of a love triangle (Was I the only one rooting for Joseph?) but most of all it flowed well enough for me to read it all in one day (ish).

What else worked for me Gen didn’t step into her destiny without fighting it, pushing against it or questioning everything about why her? Was the book perfect? No, it had some issues with regards to repetition, especially when the characters spoke to each other and I was constantly being told they said it without anger. But that is all minor, the story had an edge to it that I liked.

I also loved the Alaskan setting, and the fact it had none of the usual vampire hates werewolf/werewolf wants to eat vampire in it. If you do like the Vampire genre you will love this book. Am I over my vampire/werewolf burn out? No, but this book helped me see they are still some twists to them.

I am looking forward to finding the time to read the 2nd book Shadow of the Blood Moon…..


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