*Review* Promise Me Darkness – Paige Weaver

Promise me darkness

*4.5 Stars out of 5* Read 8/16/2013

Phew, woah, what a read! Oakies, I waited to post this review for this book until today. Tomorrow you will see why *wink* I received the ARC for this book for an honest review. As the book was already out I waited to post it (you’ll see soon).
Well holy mother Apocalypse, this didn’t go quite the direction I was expecting in any shape, way or form. The story centers around Maddie and Ryder, close friends from when they were little. Maddie, super sensible and getting through nursing school is saving her virginity for THE ONE, but the ONE might be the only one who cannot love her back. Ryder!
Ryder, tattooed bad boy, heavy drinking man slut he has a problem with his anger and making commitments. I was shaking with delicious anticipation already.
The underlying story is there is a terror threat to the US, the news has nothing but the doom and gloom and Ryder is going to enlist. At this point I thought I had it figured out, I didn’t. The catalyst is Maddie’s boyfriend Ben, who wants her to sleep with him, she is not ready.
Then the unthinkable happens and BOOM, all the smoldering tension between Ryder and Maddie explodes, page after page. She’s falling hard for him but he’s the biggest douche on the planet, swinging from utter sweetness to plain old mean.
Then it explodes, the Apocalypse happens. The country is on its head, there is confusion, blackness and ultimate terror. (This was the part of the story that blew me away) The fresh twist on basically romantic story was refreshing. I was all

I wasn't expecting this
After that the story took on a new, exciting yet dangerous tone. The journey back to Texas, the tension, the fraughtness of what they lacked and how it was impacting them was so well written it was palpable. Despite the Apocalyptic doom and helplessness Paige managed to keep Maddie and Ryder’s story full throttle. At no point did either story over take the other. I loved it, well done. This is from a self published author but don’t let that put you off, it’s the reason I’m telling you this. Great books can be found in self publishing.
That’s why there are no spoilers (I wrote with my fist in my mouth to stop myself from giving too much away this book is only $2.99 on Amazon. It’s a steal and well worth the money.
If you like this review and want to check it out click on My Amazon tag and it will take you right too it.


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