*You, Me & Thank You’s*

Oakies, it’s been just over a month (July 30th, 10.27 am, 36 seconds but who is counting LOL) since I launched my blog. One I hoped I could review great books, do some cover reveals, share some of my quirks and open myself up to my book nerdeness (made up word, well if Veronica Roth can do it, it’s good enough for me!).
So one month in (and a few days) I want to say thank you, thank you and THANK YOU for all the follows, views, shares and likes, its gone way beyond my expectations. The accepting me and not deleting me, for liking my Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/justjulie2103, for the follows on Twitter (then the un-follow, then the follow again lmao)

I thought my words would be read and shared with these:
IMG_8245 and it would be crickets.

But no, you have made me feel blessed and humbled and I thank you all for reading my stuff. If I could frame you all this is how I would do it:

I’ve got some great reviews coming up, some covers and if you want some of what I’m doing. I got VIR tickets to the Houston Book Rave where I’m hoping I get to shake hands with at least 3 of my favorite authors (would name names, but they might run for the hills of Colorado via Bucharest, or maybe in Mount Weather but they will never find the Wells of Imdalind…..) Did I just give them away…

Thank you again…everyone of you


2 thoughts on “*You, Me & Thank You’s*

  1. Thank you Shehanne, my daughter finds most of them for me. I’m a freak for Surpernatural 🙂 I do my blog for my own enjoyment, sometimes I want to tell people about the books I read but they are not as nerdy as me so not nearly as excited lol. This way I can get it our and to have people read it is very humbling

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