*Review* The Singing Dagger (The Caitriona Prophesies) – Kylie Sabra

Singing Dagger

Book Blurb

Visited by tragedy and heart-wrenching deception, Erin retreats into self-imposed isolation. But the Fates are not finished with her and she is uprooted from her respite to face the dark forces that threaten to swallow her entirely.

Aidan, fettered by his dark parentage and past, is drawn to Erin by the duties of his position and is held to her by the love she awakens in him. Bradach is powerful, beautiful, immortal and ever struggles with his all-too-human jealousy. Erin can’t understand his hatred for Aidan, nor can she shake the feeling that she has known him from some other time, but the feeling is fleeting and can’t be held to grasp.

Brieanna, Erin’s life-long friend, wears wisdom like a comfortable old shawl, and her quiet confidence is just what Finn, Aidan’s brother, needs to escape the terrors that drive him.

The four humans find themselves the central figures in a centuries-old prophecy and bind themselves together to fight the encroaching horrors from the south that threatens to cover the four kingdoms of Tara in shadow. Tara must now return to the magic that was such a rich part of their heritage, now reviled, in order to save the lands they love.

Standing together with the four immortal Elders of Tara; Erin, Aidan, Brieanna and Finn take their predestined places as the Bearers of the Promise and the saviors of Tara.

*3.5 Stars out of 5* My Review – Read 9/1/2013

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.
I want to start by saying I absolutely love the cover of this book, its gorgeously mysterious. When the author asked me if I would review her book I agreed because the blurb was very enticing. That’s why I’ve included it into the review.
In the beginning I was a little confused, it felt like it had started in the middle of the story and I couldn’t quite work out why Aiden was watching Erin. Apart from a wizard describing her there was no other reason. When it got to the next chapter I was still confused as to why Aiden was suddenly in a carriage buying property right next to Erin. I had to read both chapters twice to try to figure out what was going on.
However the writing was beautifully written so I pressed on, I was hoping that the author would unfold the story and explain the background story in more depth. Kylie did expand the story but not as much as I hoped, I felt there was something held back from fully understanding why Cormack punished Aiden, who in turn inflicted it on Erin the day after they wed. Why Bradach was in love with Erin, though that did get some explanation further down the line.
I do have to say, the characters were extremely likable, I really was rooting for the foursome against Aiden’s father and the evil Cormack. I just felt it lacked the grip that keeps you invested.
I was loving the old English conversations (being English myself).
Overall it was good, I like stories of ancient times, characters with powers, winged horses and mystical faeries, it just didn’t have me pinned to my seat, forget all books ever I ever read. If


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