*Review* Origin (Lux #4) – Jennifer L Armentrout


5.5 Stars out of 5 ******* Read 8/31/2013

*May contain spoilers!!*

Okaies, I know I can’t give it more stars out of the stars I award, but it deserved it so because it’s my blog I’m going to give them.
Where to start, I’m still holding my breath, having had about 200 heart attacks and resuscitated myself several times. I read this all in one sitting, I had to break off because I had to go to the grocery store (I did contemplate starvation, or taking it with me).
From the very first word I was hooked, Katy was being held, Daemon was going crazy, ready to rip up the world if need be. You don’t get better than that!
Daemon had a plan, well, a sort of typical Daemon Black plan, the type that’s crazier than a hyena on speed. One he really didn’t have all the answers to, but being Daemon he arrogantly knew would work.
I loved the way Jennifer wrote them being captive and forced to ‘train’ although I hated it at the same time because of how horrible it was.
Katy got to be kick ass and Blake got what he deserved. In Daemon’s words “There’s my girl” The break out was nuts, got to say I’m loving me some Archer. I’m loving more me some Luc.
The ride Jennifer takes us on in this installment is bigger, faster and more thrilling than riding supersonic on Concord!! (am I showing my age now?) Just when I thought all the thrills , twists and turns had been delivered there was another right around the corner.
Matthew!!!!! Why for the love of all that is alien??? Why, why, why? My heart was shattered. The race to get out of Nevada, the scene on the strip…Major woowzer (I’m trying not to put in spoilers but I feel like a pressure cooker ready to burst) I am speechless, beyond speechless actually. I don’t think I will talk for the next year!
I have to admit I was a little under whelmed at the title of the 5th Lux book, Opposition, it seemed a little ‘flat’ but after reading this one, it’s perfect.
I also have another disappointment but it’s nothing major. Was I the only one hoping against all hope that Hunter might just come in to help? Oh well, was not to be.
If you haven’t gotten this book yet (seriously, I can’t think you wouldn’t) and if you haven’t read this series I cannot say ENOUGH this is the series to read. My oh my. Loved it, the best yet.

This is me now, wanting the next one to come along….and soon!!



3 thoughts on “*Review* Origin (Lux #4) – Jennifer L Armentrout

  1. First I want to say I loved yoiur review.I finished reading Origins last night and still can’t quite put it into words for a review yet.I can stay the heartache comment was dead on,I mean swear at times my heart would stop or I would forget to breathe bc I was so into what was happening. Of course for most of the book my heart was racing with anxiety,I just wanted the to be ok and get away and be safe.And the ending,OH MY GOODNESS..I wanted to jump in the book and stop them.I never saw that coming.I knew it was a possibility but not like it happened and not what it did to the Blacks.

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