*Catching Up*

So, it’s Thursday already. Well actually it’s nearly Friday! I can’t believe how fast time goes. Just got done with my Big Brother fix and I wanted to catch up with you all (y’all)
I’ve gotten myself employed, I had to. I’m not meant to stay at home ALL the time, despite my eternal efforts to try to. I’m going to be part-time though so my blog is safe. Yayy.
With that fact, I’ve been furiously reading what I’ve committed to. I think if you say you’ll do something, then you should. I desperately want to read Origin by the lovely author Jennifer L Armentrout for no good reason I need to know if Daemon and Katy come through the ending of her last one Opal intact.
Instead I’m reading the Dream Thieves…..woah, this book is, well, what can I say? See my review for The Raven Boys and you’ll maybe guess where I am going with this. My review will be soon *goosebumps* at the story line.
I also have had some cruddy stuff happen, you may remember I was in a car accident on my vacation (if you don’t, earlier posts) in short, got a car. Check engine light came on after 3rd day of driving it!! Was sold a pup!!!! Checked my legal status on my rights, TX law is buyer beware.
When am I starting my new job? Can I back date it 6 months…..


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