MIA and The Raven Boys!

Oakies, sorry guys I’ve been gone all day, but it has been EPIC.
My first EPIC was I’ve got a job, sorry but I needed one to feed (interpret pay for) my book blogging habit. Which is just out of wonderfully, blissfully control.
Second EPIC, I got the ARC to Maggie Stiefvater 2nd book The Dream Thieves to review, that’s epic,  however I didn’t know I’d asked for the 2nd!! I have yet to read the first!!!! So panic set in!
Third EPIC, my girl (daughter) Laura, at the time knowing I was not on a payroll to anything yet  bought the 1st Maggie Stiefvater The Raven Boys for me (and her lol)
So why have I been missing in action?….forgive my Britishness “Oh my bloody god’ and not so Britishness “Holy psychic, this is seriously brilliant” Found my new series….WOW, if you’ve not read, heard or bought this….Get it now, I can’t put it down!


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