*Review* The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones)


4.5 Stars out of 5* 

What can I say. I was really, really, and yes really worried about this movie coming out. I had sleepless nights and cold sweats. The TMI Series is one of my all time favorite series of books written by the wonderful Cassandra Clare, and it is too sacred to mess around with. Just saying lol.
After the brutal slaying of the Twilight books, the not so fantastic I am Number Four (Its was good, until I read the book *SMH*) & the backwards storytelling of Beautiful Creatures I was brown bagging it.Only Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have gotten it right so far, so the track record of taking my beloved stories to screen was not hot.
The critic reviews are not much better either, I was drowning in fear. So I went with a sick stomach and a small amount of hope. What can I say?
I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this movie, it was excellent. Better than I could’ve hoped for. I started to breathe more easily as the movie unfolded. Did it follow the book to the letter? No, but what it left out I could live with. They also didn’t add scenes that weren’t in the book (Twilight) or mess up the order of the scenes (I am Number Four and Beautiful Creatures)
I was worried about the casting of Jaime Campbell-Bower (I have ranted earlier) but I need not have worried, was he outstanding? No, but he was Jace Wayland, all arrogant, self-effacing, and loving himself.
The casting of Lily Collins and Lena Headey as Mother and Daughter, a stroke of genius. Alec was cast perfectly as was Magnus Bane.
So to the movie, it built-in my mind just as the book does, the scary demon coming after Clary after Jocelyn disappears just like I imagined it. The fight scenes with the vampires too cool and I had to hold my breath at the final scene between Valentine and Jace, they sizzled. I thought I was going to spontaneously com bust!!
All in all, it was a romp, a damn good one. I don’t want to spoil the movie by giving a blow-by-blow playlist of what happens. No matter whether or not you’ve read this book (if you haven’t shame on you :)) this movie is good for everyone.
I hugely recommend it, don’t listen to the critics. For the love of all things literary this movie delivers.
Now, my final note, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers please, please come to Momma


7 thoughts on “*Review* The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones)

  1. I totally loved it except the ending was different(ok a few things at end was different) which I can live with but (the part abut who ends up with the cup) how are they gonna play that off in CoA?I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t say who has it but it isn’t who was suppose to have it.

    • Oh I totally agree they twisted that, and I’ve no clue how they will rectify it, I’m sure they’ve thought of it lol (praying) I also want to know when they are going to introduce youngest brother Lightwood into the story, or maybe they are going to over look that little storyline. I hope not. Over all they didn’t butcher it, thank the Lord lol

      • Yea I thought about that,I’m guessing they going to introduce the rest of the Lightwoods in CoA bc they are vital to the story. They can’t overlook Max bc what Sebastian does to him fuels the storyline in CoFA. And the parents are vital bc they were in the Circle.But yes I so glad they didn’t butcher it like Twilight. I did think the ending in the Institute instead of Redwick’s was alittle weird(bc they had “her” there they whole time,like right under them) but it was doable.

  2. I thought that was weird to (ending it in the institute) because of the whole scene with Luke and the werewolves, plus the build up was so much better in the book (then it always it) I mourned him losing Alaric back then. Then there was the no mention of Dorothea’s portal but hey I’m splitting hairs lol I think if I ever were to write a book that went to the big screen I would be one very hard author to work with, I would be all “It’s all important and I wrote it so you putting it in) Lmao and thank you for Max’s name (I was having brain freeze over it and couldn’t get off the sofa to get my copy off my bookshelf lol

  3. Lol,you welcome about Max’s name.I just read the whole series (except for CoB bc my bff has it) again this week so its fresh in my mind.Yea I thought about the portal in Dorothea’s too and you know if you follow the rules of the book,the Downworlders and demon should not have even been able to get into the Institute bc of the wards.I would so be hard to work with too if I was an author and my book was being made into a movie.I know the movie was 2hrs long but I don’t think anyone wold have complained about it being 3hrs long if it meant more details from the book.Oh and no one is suppose to know what Clary can do yet except for Jace.

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