City of Bones Movie

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So today I am supposed to be venturing out to go and see the much-anticipated movie The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones) Movie. Love, love, love the books, however yesterday I trawled the critic reviews and my excitement dwindled faster than a balloon colliding with a pin! Not one review went higher than 2 stars!! Please tell me it ain’t true!!
I have to admit, and nothing against the guy but I seriously believe they miss cast Jaime Campbell-Bower as Jace Wayland. NO, No, NO! I’m a fellow Brit but that doesn’t mean I have to come out supporting him.
Jace is everything I cannot picture Jaime being, but what do I know? So I’m going to go and then form my own opinion.
That is if I ever get off the driveway, as some of you know I was in a dreadful car accident last week, my poor Expedition died in the accident so I’m down to driving my husband’s Firebird (he hates me driving it, but what can you do?) One problem, it’s a soft top and it leaks in the rain! Guess what it’s doing today? Yup it’s raining. Marvelous, just marvelous.
Wish me luck that I’m not swimming home


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