*Review* The Demon’s Desire (Hearts of the Fallen #2) – Kendra Leigh Castle

*4 out of 5 Stars* Read 8/16/2013. Available August 26th 2013

I wasn’t sure about this book, I requested the ARC for this soon to be released book but I thought the cover to be a little on the bodice ripper style. The story started out a little confusing. Drusilla, vampire royalty is called to break up a commotion between two vampires and Meresin, a fallen angel who is allowed to live in Terra Noctem, a fictional vampire town under Miami, Florida. What I found confusing was there were many parts of the narrative the author expected you to know, or assume you knew where the characters were with each other.
Once I’d gotten past piecing together where the story was at it settled down. Dru the vampire was in love with Meresin the fallen. While the idea was utter preposterous it was a good story. Dru is stubborn and strong-willed, never backing away from a fight & it soon became clear she was going to make Meresin’s fight hers too.
Meresin, is a hunky, brooding loner. Determined to do things on his own, his way, never once believing he can be anything other than the monster they made him. Something happens between them (not telling, no spoilers here!) that has them linked together he has no choice but to take her with him.
Embarking on a terrifying journey they learn more about each other, but will it all be enough? You’ll have to find out on August 26th 2013 when the book is released.
If you like red-hot angels, beautiful heroines and heaven/hell battles this is definitely the book for you. What I liked most about it was the author kept enough reality in the story to be able to connect to the characters outside of what they were. Thumbs up, if you like the work of Sherrilyn Kenyon & her Dark Hunter books you’ll love this.


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