Catching Up – Vacation, Car Crashes and Family Time

I promised I would catch up with y’all (that’s the extent of my Texas accent, I’m a British girl living in Texas and after 12 years that’s all I got). We went on our annual family vacation we take right before my kiddos go back to college to Port Aransas TX.
We go for 4 days and it’s bliss. After packing the car up with all of the stuff we needed (and some of the stuff we didn’t need, we’ve taken footballs, soccer balls, body boards and goodness know what else for them to sit on the floor of the condo unused until we re-pack them!) we set off.
From where we live it takes about 3 and half to 4 hours to get there and we were having fun. We make our one stop at Buccee’s (doesn’t everyone? lol) and we were 15 minutes out from clean restrooms and our lunch.
Out of almost no where, and running a stop sign a car pulls out!!! We had nowhere to go but into the side of it. I mean what about “Highway traffic doesn’t stop” under said stop sigh did they not understand. We have, or rather had a Ford Expedition, it was full of all our stuff and 5 adults so we were pretty heavy and going 65 miles an hour.
I can safely say I’ve never been more afraid in my entire life, never! We all hurtle off the road, we take 2 signs with us, air bags are going off, everyone is screaming. It was awful! I have to say however, in our time of need everyone who passed stopped to help. The emergency services came so quickly and one guy (who had endless supplies of cold bottled water) kept us hydrated.
I’m happy to say despite having to go to hospital with my son, despite the 2 ladies having to be cut from their car, one life flighted everyone was okay, everyone lived.
So after several hours, my broken car towed back with my husband and son-in-law back to the hometown, he got his car and came back for me, my daughter and son and we decided to continue on with our vacation.
I don’t know if it was the near death experience we had, the fact we all were okay or just plain bonding but we had fun for the 3 days, we laughed, we played and we connected.
On the way Home my daughter sent me this picture…..perfect end to my long weekend.


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