Vacation :)

My vacation has started *Happy Dance*
Well actually it started last night, I went to a paint pub with my daughter and some friends. If you’ve never done anything like this it is so much fun. You get to paint pictures while drinking wine. Awesome concept. I’ve done five now, I’m an addict. Anyways, like I said you paint a picture the host has picked, drink wine and somewhere along the way you get to feel you can rival D’Vinci. Or at least I do!
It’s only in the morning you get to see maybe that last glass clouded your judgement!
Last night was Audrey Hepburn, love, love her. It looked easy enough, but it was hard, so I needed more wine!
Take a look:
Paint Pub
This is what I felt like when I was done:
So I will be on limited internet access but I will be back on Sunday. There will be a sneak peek at Origin (Lux #4) by Jennifer L Armentrout on Friday August 16th. First chapter released, this is ahead of the published date of August 27th. Check out my Facebook page Just Julie Blogging Books for the details.
See you Sunday, or maybe Monday……Have a fabulous weekend.


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