*Review* Dead Girls Don’t Lie – Jennifer Shaw Wolf

*3.5 Stars out of 5* Read 8/13/2013. Available September 17th 2013

I asked for the Arc of this book because I thought the blurb sounded haunting and very intriguing. It turns out it wasn’t exactly the genre I read it, however having been granted the ARC I went ahead and read it anyways, The story starts at the funeral of her friend Rachel who was brutally murdered, a friend who send a cryptic, frightening text the night she died but Jaycee ignored it. And so the tone was set.

What I liked about this book was the angst and terrifying emotions Jaycee feels after the murder, her confused and often self blaming thoughts she has, that if only she had responded. If she’d gone to the police. All of that was very well written.
I liked they way the story unfolded, the message from beyond the grave, the mystery that she would know how to solve the crime and the mysterious Eduardo, who had me believing maybe Rachel was planning some kind of revenge against her former best friend. I was wrong. I never saw the ending the author gave us coming, which was a major plus point also. (I’m also not about to yield to a spoiler).
The minus for me was it was a little too YA so I struggled with having some empathy with Jaycee, Skylar and Evan. Of how her father treated her like a pre-teen but that shouldn’t take anything from the story. If you like young, Christian mystery thrillers you will love this book.

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