*Review* Thin Space -Jody Casella

5154+7rfSrL._SY346_*4 Stars out of 5* Read 8/12/2013 *Available September 10th 2013

I read this book having another story in mind. From the blurb I was expecting more of a love story. I expected to feel disappointed that I didn’t get the huge romance I thought might happen. I was wrong, on all counts.

Marsh is a troubled soul, he wakes up in hospital battered and broken. His twin Austin is dead! The story from page one was written in a haunting fashion that will grip and pull you in.
From Marsh’s bizarre behavior (not wearing shoes) the the looks and stares he gets at school have you aching for him. His pain is palpable.
The only thing he wants, the only thing he needs is the thin space. A portal that will allow him to cross into the place where the dead are. He wants to set things right with the twin he feels he wronged. Then he meets Maddie, she doesn’t look at him like he is crazy nor treats him differently. In fact, when Marsh tells her about the thin space she goes all out to help him. Angering her brother and upsetting Marsh’s once girl friend.
About 2 thirds into the story I thought I’d guessed the story, but wasn’t sure. Then I get to the end and I realized I hadn’t guessed it (well I did, but that wasn’t the real twist)
The clues were all there.
I felt that author must have suffered real loss to write it so wonderfully, it was gentle, fragile and at times I had a lump in my throat. If you are looking for something just a little bit different, something slightly supernatural then this is it. If you want to know the truth behind the lies we weave you’ll have to buy it on September 10th 2013

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