*Review* Eyes of Ember (Imdalind #2) -Rebecca Ethington

Eyes of Ember*5 out of 5 Stars* Read 7/18/2013

WOW, WOW and triple WOW. I bought this right after I had read Kiss of Fire, I was hooked and all I can say is Illyan, holy hotness!

This book picked up right where the last book left off and it was one thrill ride after another. Ryland is still being held captive by his father Edmund. Jocelyn is in hiding with Illyan. Wynn, Talon, the very sly Ovailia (there is more to her than meets the eyes) have returned to Prague to guard the wells.

Jocelyn is being hunted by Cail in her dreams. Forced to watch Ryland lose his mind & memories in the shared connection they have, she has to go otherwise she will lose her strength. Illyan is now training her in how to use her powers.

Where ever you were at with Ryland & Jocelyn at the end of Kiss of Fire, it will be turned on its head. What you thought you knew, you won’t. If you were hoping there would be some resolution, there isn’t. This is one roller coaster ride after another.

I found myself falling more and more in love with Illyan & Jocelyn being together, but without giving it away, he loves her but is keeping her safe for Ryland. The man has such a sense of duty I wanted to slap him at times….Go claim your woman Illyan. The scene where they danced when they were on their ‘date’ had me gasping for air. HOTNESS but the ensuing fight when they are found by Edmund, Cail and Ryland left me more breathless.

They are then transported to another country, Illyan is out cold, and Joselyn is in the company of Thom, Illyan’s other brother and Dramin (Joselyn’s Uncle). I liked the character development of these characters, the way they interacted with each other. The way they nurtured Jocelyn. Bad Dramin tricking Jocelyn into drinking the Black Water…awesome. It gave way to seeing how powerful Jocelyn is and will become.

Her pouring out her heart to Illyan while he was out cold was heart rendering then just when I held my breath and she decided to go back in the Touha to break her bond with Ryland, she’d had no nightmare, just an anxious visit with Ryland. She goes back in to be able to truly become what she was meant to be…the Silny that is goes to hell in a hand basket.

There is no Ryland, there is only Cail. WOW, if that wasn’t the ride of a lifetime then the ending explodes and shatters everything into pieces so small I don’t think they can be put back together..

“But one thing was clear. I was going to start by killing Ryland LaRue” AWESOME!!

Rebecca has certainly got a winner on her hands with this series, I can find no fault with how this is unfolding. Perfection. I have one question…Where can I get my ‘Team Illyan” t-shirt from?

If you liked this review and would like to check out this book please use my Amazon link 🙂


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