*Review* The Evolution of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin

51nb0HTOKjL._AA260_*4.5 Stars out of 5* Read 8/6/2013

After reading the first Mara Dyer I was left feeling unsure of my feelings towards Mara, loving Noah & jaw on the floor over Jude. All I knew was I was inexplicably drawn in and wanted to know what was really going on with this enigma called Mara.

It’s starts off pretty much where you might expect Mara is in an institution. I felt a little panicky because they were not letting her see Noah and she was going nowhere. Mara quickly worked out if she acted ‘normal” her mother would soften and let her go home. Way to go Mara. She didn’t help her cause however by insisting Jude was alive. Even Daniel her brother didn’t believe her.

She shut that down. Noah, what an awesome character Michelle has written sent a note via his picture that he believed her. That was all Mara needed. So she got to go home but had to attend an outpatient facility.

What I loved about this book was Michelle expanded the history of Mara’s family and we get to get the background on her grand mother. Boy, I loved having that insight. So the story unfolds, her parents are anxious and have her watched 24/7. Strange things are happening in the neighborhood, dead cat, writing on her walls in blood, the doll moving, pictures in her camera of her sleeping.

All she believes is done by Jude. Noah puts a security detail on her. Yeah Noah. We are then introduced to characters in the outpatient facility. Phoebe is by far the scariest. I knew from the get go she was out for Mara! Stella the strange and Jaime is back. I did a happy dance on that one.

So while Noah looks for answers Mara acts like the poster child for sanity. Everything is going great. To the point she gets permission not to attend the inpatient retreat. I did have some doubts about her sanity at one point when she put the doll out in the trash, only to have it back in her room. She was certain Jude had done that only to find out Noah had followed her sleep walking and she had retrieved it. That sent me back into doubt that she was really crazy.

Once Mara told Dr Kells she wasn’t attending the retreat it went to hell in a hand basket. Noah was in Rhode Island looking for answers on Jude, he meanwhile had kidnapped Mara and was forcing her to harm herself!! I wanted to scream, but I was loving it. I was now rooting for Mara, I was sold.

Mara was now committed. The out patients Phoebe, Jaime and the gang were there for the retreat and somehow Noah had got himself invited to the party. Phoebe was bunking with her, not a good thing and just when I thought I’d read all the shocker’s (I was on 94% of the book) it went crazy.

I’ve said before I don’t do spoilers per say, so this will be cryptic. In the last 6% of the book Noah and Mara unravel the whole conspiracy. Or at least what Michelle wants us to know! It is jaw dropping and stop you breathing, whatever you thought you knew, you don’t. Whatever you’d worked out, you’re wrong.

An explosive end that had me breathless. I was heart-broken, elated in the journey Michelle had taken me on and baying for blood. I cannot wait for October for the next installment The Revolution of Mara Dyer, I need answers. I need revenge but most of all I need Noah and Mara.

Well written, beautifully executed and suspenseful to the very last word.

If you liked this review and want to check out this book please follow my Amazon link to learn more


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