*Review* The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin

51MQUKLRhGL._AA160_*4 out of 5 Stars* Read 4/8/2013

Alright, where to start. As you know I read this at the insistence of my daughter Laura. I wasn’t sure what to expect but anything she recommends usually is golden. The book started with her waking up from an accident not remembering anything, all she knew was her best friend, her boyfriend and his sister was dead. Something that was predicted in the prologue from a Ouji board.

Okay we are off to a good start. Mara then moves to Florida and starts a new school, she starts seeing her dead friends in the mirror and her dead boyfriend in the hallways. She makes a friend called Jamie and I loved him. She meets Noah, a British native, super rich, super hot, super into Mara.

Among the tale of Mara beginning to unravel, the characters around her are being well-developed by Michelle. I want her brothers to be my brothers. Then there is Mara’s arch nemesis Annie and Aiden, jeez I hated them and now we have a story.

Despite all of it opening up, Mara just has to think she wants someone dead and boom…they die. I couldn’t quite bring myself to love her, she many times came of whiny and morose and don’t get me wrong (and my daughter pointed it out many times she had just lost her friends just 6 months earlier) I understood she was in pain but there was something stopping me from not having a love for her plight.

Yet, despite that I read this in almost one sitting. The build up to the end as her psychosis builds and you don’t quite know if she really is insane gathered its momentum and by the end when she was about to do the unthinkable, when Noah tried to tell her she was a bigger person and she goes against him anyway. Just when you think there can be no more surprises….Holy dead boyfriend!! My jaw was on the floor, I didn’t see that coming.

The best parts, Mara has  a feisty side. Her first words to Noah “Asshat” loved it. Despite it being heartbreaking Jamie being expelled. I’ve never hated 2 characters like I hated the 2 that were responsible for that. Noah’s love for Mara, wowzer. I want a Noah around.

Overall I loved this book. So much that I immediately downloaded her 2nd book The Evolution of Mara Dyer. I needed to know what happens with Jude, more about Noah and his little power and if poor Jamie was a one-off…..

My review for that will come tomorrow…

If you liked this review and would like to check out this book please follow my Amazon link


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