*REVIEW* Obsession – Jennifer. L. Armentrout

51Kx3hN7XsL._AA190_*4.5 out of 5 Stars* Read 8/2/2013

Holy hot alien!! Jennifer has done it again! Warning, this is not officially part of the Lux series, this is indeed an adult book so if you are thinking of getting this for your teen this is definitely R rated. 50 Shades of alien hotness.

Wow, where to start? I don’t know who the heck to root for now! Luxen or Arum. Hunter is one hot, mother of all that is sexy Arum. I have to admit however I did have trouble liking him but if you’ve read the Lux series and how the Arum is written in those books you’ll probably understand why Jennifer hasn’t written him so dark.

So the premise, he is a DOD assassin, hates everything including the DOD & somehow, someway he finds himself babysitting Serena, a human!! She witnesses the death of her friend at the hand of a Luxen, though she doesn’t know that.

He ups and swoops her off to his cabin where the two go around endlessly bitching at each other while the attraction and sexual tension rises. Boy does it get hot. What else I liked in this book is Serena’s enemy isn’t just the Luxen finding her but also other Arum. She’s in danger from everything, including Hunter.

When the DOD come for, telling Hunter she is no longer a threat he knows they are not taking her back to her life in Colorado & that is where the book really takes it turn. Dead DOD, an Arum that’s flipped out and a small Luxen army waiting for Serena.

I loved there was quite clearly a Daemon appearance (Noms) and Luc is getting more and more of a mystery. I do suspect what is in this book will flow (or at least I hope it does) into her next Lux book Origin.

The book is a stand alone, you don’t need to have read the Lux series but why would you stay just on this one. Though I doubt Serena has tamed Hunter she made him more human like, which by the end of the book I was ever so slightly (alright a lot) in love with the darn Arum.

Origin I cannot wait for you….

If you liked this review and would like to check it out follow my link to Amazon


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