*REVIEW* The Soulkeepers (Book 1) – G. P. Ching

10897866*4 out of 5 Stars* Read 4/13/2013

I got this book when it was offered free on Amazon. I liked the premise & it sounded a little different to most YA Supernatural books. Right from the get go “Death lived up to Jacobs expectation” I knew it was going to be at least good. Hey it was for free so it’s not like I’d lost anything if it wasn’t.

The story built well, though it was sad. Jacob’s mother was missing, presumed dead & Jacob was in hospital. His Uncle John who he’d never met (or knew of his existence) came to take him home to Paris, Illinois. Big change considering he lived in Hawaii!!

Aunt Carolyn and cousin Katrina were absolutely awful, but I think the author wanted us to find them horrible! Then the story really begins, slowly solidly. Jacob doesn’t fit in at school, has a hard time adjusting to his new family and is determined to find his mother. G.P builds solid characters and when he goes and breaks the glass of his neighbor’s house it all gets freaky.

She agrees that Jacob can pay for it by doing gardening work for her. He does the usual thing they most teenagers do, he does what Dr Silva (the neighbor) tells him not to do. Of course he does.

Among all of this he makes friends with an Indian girl Malini, she was a very likable character & it isn’t until she’s in trouble & Jacob saves her by conjuring water does he question why he’s weird.

Dr Silva tells him she is going to help him uncover his abilities but warns him not to go into the garden or to leave the gate unlocked. The things I struggled with was Dr Silva’s husband was the tree! weird and the nasty ass cat was actually an angel in love with Dr Silva! Even weirder.

What is awesome about this story apart from the journey is the fluid way it’s written. The unraveling of hell, I loved those chapters and the fight scene in the church. Brilliant.

Even if you have no faith, nor follow religion this book is wonderful. I recommend this book to anyone who loves YA Supernatural, it’s different to your regular angel/fallen angel books. There are 2 other books in the series that I will read.

If you have enjoyed this review and want to check out The Soulkeepers please follow my Amazon link


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