Crept out of the Bat Cave!

Wow, what a day I had yesterday! Some would say I did absolutely nothing, but to others I went on a wild and fantastic roller coaster ride.

I had about 9 hours of sleep and had my must have slurp of OJ so the day has started off good. Yesterday, as you know I was participating in the Lux Series Re-Readathon, I also got a little side tracked to try to get in my desired 2 episodes of Season 3 Game of Thrones.

Well here was my day, I finished Onyx at about 11am so thought I would take a break and watch episode 5 & 6 of Game. I did manage to pull myself away from anything digital to shower & get dressed. Did I happen to mention I have a slight girl crush on the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen Well, yes I do. She is totally bad ass.

I also have a crush on Tyrion Lannister, both are awesome. Here’s what happened, I watched 2 episodes that turned into 4, that then turned into 6!! OMG the wedding sequence. I can’t even deal!! WTH, how did this happen?? Why did this happen. Without the Starks there is no order. Lord Fray I will kill you myself. And could someone please put a knife in Joffrey? Give me one, I’ll do that too…

There are no words to describe my hatred of that little pr…k!

I am however slightly loving the marriage of Sansa & Tyrion….weird but I like.

After the wedding scene I spent sometime in the bathroom screaming….in silent mode. Well my dogs are cowards and my kids were upstairs. In th name of all things sane I don’t think I’m going to make it until next year.

I calmed enough to return to Daemon Black & Kat only to re-live that shocking ending. For the love of God, why am I doing this to myself? The Stark’s are dead! Kat and Daemon are ripped apart, I had to take in some air so I crept out of the bat cave (my family room) and stepped into the back yard, blinking hard at the sight of the sun, my tear streaked face hurt!

I think I did an awful lot yesterday! My head might not recover. When my hubby came home from work and asked what I’d done that day I shrugged and said “Not much, watched a bit of TV and read awhile” I smiled and patted my leg…

Today I will get back to that review I promised on The Soul Keepers…..sorry about that. I got a little side tracked.


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