*REVIEW* Opal (Lux #3) – Jennifer L Armentrout

51I0q3aLVzL._AA260_*5 out of 5 Stars* Read 7/21/2013

I’m speechless, and heartbroken and so in love with Daemon and Kat. The 3rd in the series didn’t disappoint, the pace of action ramped up to new levels and the ending….jaw dropping.
Daemon shows his better side…..hallelujah! But only to Kat. I didn’t think I could love him any more than I did, but I do. Dee’s pain was palpable and felt so real, I could feel her anguish over Adam & her hurt towards Kat. Though I do hope by Origin she gets back to being her over bubbly self, I miss that Dee.

Dawson, well he’s just plain tortured and driven to get back Bethany, what confused me slightly was Katy ran int her at Vaughn’s house, why didn’t they try there first. It wasn’t like Vaughn was going to stop them.

I’m not quite sure of Blake rescuing Chris either, I think there is a lot more to that than meets the eye. Something in the way he said he had to knock him out. Fishy, Fishy to me. Also how did he know about the Opal Kat had and why oh why did she have it round her neck one minute and in her hand another minute…Um? Still it didn’t spoil it at all.

Carissa was the shocker, that was another why. Blake is also a creeper, and I can understand Kat not telling Daemon about his little bedroom visits but you’d think after Adam etc she should have.
Blake….tsk tsk, what will happen to you. Lot’s of bad things I hope. Simon, why?! Loving the new character Luc and hoping there are bigger things to come with him.
The ending side blinded me and ripped my heart right out, however once my tears had subsided I am hoping Jennifer doesn’t ‘break’ the character or spirit of Kat. While I love angst ridden hero’s putting their heroines back together Kat’s character is such I am holding my breath that she rises above her adversity and beats them that hold her down. Hoping for a badass girl to emerge and whip them up to get back to her man (A girl can dream right?)

Much as I swooned at Daemon’s parting to Kat, why the heck did he wait until there was a blue laser between then?

If you haven’t yet gotten this series, get it NOW. Origin is out in a month, what you waiting for. I’m now on my second time around reading them…Love them.

*Spoiler Alert for Origin* I have read a scene where Hunter and Daemon interact with each other….

If you like this review & want to read Opal please follow my Amazon link to check it out.


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