Coffee & Lux Re-Readathon

I don’t drink coffee, but I NEED coffee badly right now! I signed up to participate in a Lux Series re-readathon that I thought started at 1pm EST today. Apparently it started at 11pm last night so I’m not sure what time zone the organizer is in. Evil, horrible, way too early time zone.

I posted on it on my Facebook before I went to bed, I might love to read but I love my sleep even more. There was a time I could stay up all night to finish a book I couldn’t put down but as my years added up my eyelid muscles became non-existent & they shut down when they’ve done working.

Anyways, I hop off to bed, hubby gets up at a time that should be illegal, so I settle down with him and our 3 guard dogs. Well, not so much guard dogs, more I’m going to bark from a safe distance in the room and hide behind my Momma just in case dogs.

Well dang it, I’m happily snuggled and sleeping when 3am ticks by (isn’t that witching hour?) & I wake up. Wide awake and bushy-tailed type waking. I lay looking at the ceiling listening to the chorus of 3 dogs and a hubby snoozing.

So knowing sleep wasn’t coming back I get up and find my kindle, do a quick check to make sure Emily Rose isn’t about to jump out on me and start on Obsidian. I’m now done with that and am now on Onyx…

I now need coffee, Red Bull and anything else that might stimulate my eyes to stay open. My dogs have gotten up, fed, watered and are now back beside me….asleep! They have the right idea. I will plow through and see how far Daemon Black can keep me awake. It’s 8.19am where I am.

What I’m not to sure at, one post on Facebook in the group stated they had read all 4 books. From 11pm last night to now????? are you kidding me? Is this possible? They are either a machine, dedicated or misunderstood the re-readathon aspect. Who knows.

Coming later, eyelids willing my review of Opal (Lux #3) and The Soul Keepers by G.P Ching.


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