Welcome to my blog.

A huge warm and welcome hello to my blog.
It’s taken a little time to get it just how I want it to be, and I’m very excited to be embarking on my next adventure…. A book blogging reviewing adventure 🙂
I’m not new to reading, that I have done for more years than you need to know! I’ve been posting any reviews I have on my Goodreads page and also on Amazon for sometime when I thought (thinking can sometimes be dangerous to me but I hope this time it is not) I would combine them with my stalker style way of finding out what is going on with my favorite authors, and authors I’ve yet to meet all on one page.
I hope to combine it all together to make this fun yet informative. As I get established I hope I can start running contests and also get some of my most loved authors to guest post on the page. So tell all your friends to stop by and visit.
In honor of my first time out I’ve posted a review of Obsidian by Jennifer. L. Armentrout (secretly in the hope I might earn bonus points with Daemon Black….you will have to read the book to know what that mean ;).
I am excited, a little nervous because I want this page to be awesome but excited all the same. If you have any views, ideas or books you would like to see reviewed let me know. That way I’ll know I’m not alone in this big wide cyber world


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