*REVIEW* Onyx (Lux #2) – Jennifer Armentrout

51OUnWq7LfL._AA160_*4.5 Stars out of 5* Read 7/14/2013

This is the second book in the Lux series. I started right after I had read the first and was a little worried that it might fall off a little, after all the first was awesome. Boy was I off, the pace didn’t stop! Daemon got hotter and moodier and Kitten got more claws

Blake, I knew there was something off about him from the get go. I hoped there wasn’t but hoped there was. Kat has a whole new set off issues to deal with other than leading the Arum and DOD to Daemon and Dee’s door!There were twists even I didn’t guess….Will!! Bethany!! and Blake the flake….Adam!!!!

So where to start, Kat is different & it has something to do with Daemon healing her. They now have a connection because of it and she goes through most of the book telling herself that is why Daemon is attracted to her….foolish girl, I would just go with the flow if Daemon was pursuing me. The DOD are crawling all over town as a result of the fight on Halloween.

Vaughn is creepy as crud & Husker a little scary, but all of that is the least of Kat & Daemon’s problems. Blake, the flake is seriously up to no good and Kat cannot see it, that or she is just trying to hack Daemon off by not listening.

The scene where she is coming back from dinner with Blake and comes face to face with an Arum is awesome. But my favorite part is Daemon and Kat on Thanksgiving night…..tears were shed.

I dropped half a star because I did get a little irritated by the slight repetitiveness of going in circles between Blake, Kat and Daemon but not enough for it to spoil the story.

This author can suck you in faster than Daemon Black can move, and that’s fast and good. The ending will leave you speechless and a thirst for Opal. I now have a slight obsession for all things Jennifer L Armentrout, I read her blog every day, liked her FB in the hope I might get a glimpse of Daemon and Kat….sad but true. If you haven’t got your copies of this series….do it now, you won’t regret it.

If you liked this review & want to check out Onyx please follow my Amazon link and enjoy.


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