Oh Mamma!

So I finally caved, try as I might to hack into the HBO website & somehow get it for free it didn’t work! I caved & called Comcast and added it legally. I would never make a hacker, or a pirate for that matter!! So since having 5 heart attacks and seven strokes over the finale of season 2 of Game of Thrones (yes I know I’m behind the whole of the modern world) I’m now happily onto season 3.

Well happy doesn’t really cover it! Theone is free! Jon Snow is making eyes at the wildling girl (stop that right now) & I’ve left it at Jaime Lannister losing his hand!! WTH…..don’t much like him but he is a perfect, arrogant specimen. Not anymore!

I have to confess though to having more than a little girl crush on Daenerys Targaryen. I hope her and her 2 (yes 2, she damn well gave one away…pfssst) set Kings Landing on fire and take King Joffrey with them.

On another note, I might have to try to hone those hacker skills. My daughter tells me yesterday she’d read a spoiler for Jennifer. L. Armentrout’s Origin out in August. Allegedly, Daemon & Kat end up in Vegas!! Seriously?! like will we find them happily sipping on mojito’s and playing slots at the MGM…

Will be looking into that one….


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