Getting to Know Me & You

Oakies, (yes I know that’s not a word, I made it up) so my blog is new, so I think it’s time to get to know each other a little bit more….
I hope this is going to be interactive, I hate drinking my morning coffee alone. Alright I don’t drink coffee!! I have this image in my head that book bloggers/reviewers get up, make endless rounds of coffee (late night reading has been involved) and are sat among piles and piles of paperbacks.
Me, I have a huge slurp of orange juice before OCD cleaning my kitchen! I have the re-runs of Supernatural on TNT running in the background because lets face it, you can’t ever have enough of Dean and Sam Winchester…EVER! So if TNT decide they are done, I own the seasons on DVD.
So what do I like? Well, Supernatural for one. I daydream I will have a dead psycho attack while OCDing my kitchen & Dean will burst in and save me! It hasn’t happened yet, but I live in hope.
Next, don’t get me started on Game of Thrones. OMG, I only discovered this in July (Don’t get HBO) why didn’t anyone tell me? I am up to season 3…have to find a way to hack into HBO, or just simply subscribe. I fear the latter will win out.
So I usually spend my day hoping to be rescued by Dean or be wondering how I can somehow get myself to the imaginary wall to accidentally run into Jon Snow. It’s bad!
I love, love, love the movie Gladiator and get super excited if I find a re-run on TV. I then immediately stop everything to sit and watch like I’ve never seen it before. Much to the horror of my family I then put in the soundtrack (this is after I’ve spent time in the bathroom crying….again) & re-live the whole story through french horns. The 2nd to last time I’ve watched it I couldn’t find the CD, I suspect foul play has come in, I wonder if Dean investigates the disappearance of movie soundtracks.
As expected I love to read, during the summer I discovered the top 100 free kindle book list on Amazon so I dead a little & went to heaven. I have read some seriously good, some bad and some down right ugly books. But the good was awesome, there’s something very satisfying about finding a free gem. It’s like getting good shoes at 50% off. I love shoes, I buy some just because they are that pretty and I want to look at them. Some I will never wear because I’m afraid of heights!
Later today I will be posting my reviews of Onyx & Opal by Jennifer Armentrout along with my reviews of Kiss of Fire, Eyes of Ember & Scorched Treachery by Rebecca Ethington….
So what about you? Tell me a little about you


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