*REVIEW* Obsidian (Lux # 1)- Jennifer. L. Armentrout

51Pf9AwMZBL._AA260_*5 out of 5 Stars* Book finished 7/21/2013

WOW…just WOW. I read this book at the constant nagging of my daughter because I’d just finished up the Imdalind series and my constant raving about my new hero beating off the old one. She threw the gauntlet down that nothing beat Daemon Black!

At the get go I loved Katy…she reads and blogs and gardens and is as feisty as hell. Her first interaction with Daemon had me smiling at her. Him, I couldn’t stand. I was going to win this wager easily.
The story had a good pace to it, built nicely with excellent character development. Dee, Daemon’s twin as Lane put it “Is a doll” everything to love, nothing to hate even if she talks faster than the energizer bunny!
Daemon as I suspected couldn’t quite stay away from Kat, and it did warm to him when he kept calling her kitten. It was just a flicker.
Then when the ‘explosion’ happened, the time he put himself out to save her did I really start to like him. I wasn’t expecting what was to come (I try not to write spoilers) Then it heated up…suffice to say I down loaded this book at 9amm and was finished at 4.30pm…I couldn’t put it down. The ‘Laptop’ scene was awesome. I laughed out loud at the beginning of the chapter after that “I hate Daemon Black” Love him, hate him…I can’t get him off my mind!!! I immediately downloaded Onyx and Opal…yes I’d found my new book boyfriend and he looks, sounds and is Daemon Black.
So happy this book has been optioned, move over Jace Wayland, Edward Cullen….there is a new badass in town!

If this review has you wanting to buy this book I’ve a link to Amazon on my homepage sidebar 🙂


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